"Early this March our school had it's 6th grade Book Blast. The event benefited me as a dream author in many different ways.  I think the most mind changing part of the night was when the author of the new book "Flowers and Bubbles" Allison Siegel came to speak. She had just finished the writing process for the first time. I loved her enthusiasm about the story and how she showed one detail can change a story in so many possible ways. I never thought about so many important parts of the writing process until that night. Some important parts I had missed out on were how you bind the book, font/size, word placing, publishing companies, and finding illustrators or photographers. The wheels in my brain began to spin as I realized how much more then writing goes with being an author. You may have thought this would drive me away from writing but it only pulled me closer! It showed me the experiences ahead of me in the long run. I will always remember the knowledge from this special and inspiring night! I think the most shocking thing is I almost did not attend the event. I arrived at the last minute due to my schedule. It's odd how every decision you make can change your knowledge and future ideas. I will always be glad I made it to the event!" 

-A 6th grade student's post about the Book Blast event from March 2, 2016


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